Enerplus is a North American energy producer with a portfolio of oil and gas assets in resource plays that offer organic growth potential with superior economics.

The Safety & Social Responsibility (“S&SR”) Committee will assist the Board in carrying its responsibilities with respect to the development and implementation of an effective S&SR Management System and ensure that the Corporation’s activities are planned and executed in a safe and responsible manner.


The Committee shall be comprised of at least three independent directors. Members of the Committee shall be appointed annually, following the annual general meeting of the Corporation.


The Committee shall meet at least three times yearly, and as deemed necessary in order to carry its duties effectively. The Committee shall also retain independent advice, if necessary, with prior approval of the Board.


In carrying out its responsibilities, the Committee shall:

  1. Review the Corporation’s performance related to S&SR.
  2. Review the Corporation’s S&SR Management System framework.
  3. Review the Corporation’s S&SR Policy.
  4. Review all results and action plans that have been initiated or proposed by the Corporation with respect to S&SR including, but not limited to:
    1. Continuous improvement efforts on the S&SR Management System framework;
    2. the identification, assessment, and handling of potential issues, hazards and risks;
    3. emergency response plans;
    4. non-compliance issues and the response thereto;
    5. external and internal audit reports and the response thereto;
    6. legislative and regulatory changes impacting the Corporation’s affairs and the response thereto;
    7. long-range preventative programs designed to limit or mitigate future liability; and
    8. all actions taken to maintain the Corporation’s integrity of its S&SR Management System;
  5. Review current or pending legal actions related to S&SR, by or against the Corporation.
  6. Receive an annual due diligence statement from the Chief Executive Officer.
  7. Make periodic visits to corporate locations to become familiar with the nature of the operations and to review relevant objectives, procedures and performance with respect to S&SR.
  8. Hold an in-camera session of the independent members of the Committee at each meeting of the Committee.


The Committee Chairman shall present a verbal or written report regarding the Committee meetings/discussions at scheduled meetings of the Board.


The Committee’s work schedules shall be as attached but may be amended, from time to time, by the Chairman of the Committee.


Review S&SR Performance                    
Review annual S&SR Management System framework                    
Review the Corporation's S&SR Policy                        
Review current or pending S&SR legal actions                    
Receive annual due diligence statement                      
Review action plans and key results                    
Annual review of Committee Charter and Work Plan                      
Hold an in-camera session of the independent members of the Committee

At every meeting.

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