Enerplus is a different kind of energy company. Our energy goes beyond oil and gas.

Learn How We Invest in Our People

This is a place that attracts go-getters; the kind of people who like to make an impact and collaborate to get the best results. We’re not interested in clock-watchers, putting-in timers, or going-through-the motioners; in fact, our results-based approach to time-away provides flexibility so you can manage your day-to-day personal needs and have ample recharge time. At Enerplus, expect to be busy – but in a sustainable, healthy way – and with line of sight to how you impact our key results.

Our people are challenged by their work, energized by their colleagues and recognized by their leaders. We emphasize teamwork and our people feel pride in contributing to our overall success. Expect your efforts to be rewarded through our industry competitive compensation program. Read about these rewards and other benefits here.

Whether it’s on-the-job development, opportunities to grow through external learning opportunities, or movement within our company, you can expect to keep growing with us. We have an energetic, passionate team of people from diverse backgrounds who like to learn from one another and share their knowledge.

Community involvement is another way we invest in both you and the places we live and work in. Our people get involved through numerous volunteer opportunities, company donation matching programs, and regular WeCare events hosted internally. Learn about how we add energy to our communities here.

Listen to what some of our great people have to say about working at Enerplus:

Ed McLaughlin Tricia Wensley

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