Enerplus is a different kind of energy company. Our energy goes beyond oil and gas.

Learn How We Invest in Our People

This is a place that attracts go-getters; the kind of people who like to get things done and collaborate to get the best results. We’re not interested in clock-watchers, putting-in timers, or going-through-the motioners. At Enerplus, you’ll be busy and we think that’s great. But you’ll be glad to know that it’s not the unsustainable, frantic pace that robs you of quality time outside of work (In fact, we believe that your life, like your work, should be equally as great). At Enerplus you get a full, diverse, interesting experience that stimulates your brain and makes the day fly by. Our people are challenged by their work, energized by their colleagues and recognized by their leaders.

We always think like a team - and you should feel personal pride in contributing to our overall success. Teamwork is infinitely more important to delivering results than tolerating one brilliant jerk who may get results but treats others badly in the process. Our people embody our culture: they are energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds who have creative approaches to work, play and life. We love to laugh, have fun, and you will see us actively helping the communities we work and live in.

Listen to what some of our great people have to say about working at Enerplus.

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