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Get to Know Our Culture & Values

The most important things you need to know about working at Enerplus are reflected in our values and culture. But, what is it actually like to work at Enerplus? Although locations and roles may differ, there is one thing that should be the same - regardless of where you work, who you work with or what you do at Enerplus. We think your job should be challenging and the challenge should be fun. And we're certain that awesome, creative things are more likely to happen with the right company culture.

A great work place is made up of engaged and collaborative colleagues. And while compensation and perks definitely matter, ultimately you need to be fulfilled and recognized for your efforts. Because we care about what we do and who we work with.

Our eight core beliefs regarding company culture:

  • 1. We value our values
  • 2. We take our work seriously, not ourselves (have fun)
  • 3. We start with trust
  • 4. We believe results matter – both how and what you deliver
  • 5. We know work and life happen in the same day
  • 6. We value differences because they make us better
  • 7. We believe in simplicity and know this is often hard
  • 8. We take risks, measured and purposeful

We know people join and leave companies because of leadership. It's something we take seriously. But leadership doesn't happen through wishful thinking. It takes each of us being a leader in our own way, shape or form in our day-to-day interactions. We all practice these five leadership behaviors to help build and sustain our culture.

  • Be fearlessly authentic (and humble)
  • Invest in our people
  • Value diversity
  • Guide and empower (don't micro-manage)
  • Be results-savvy and accountable

Our HEART values are the cornerstone of our culture and broadly describe what it’s actually like to work here. Take a look at our HEART video to learn more:

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