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Offset Wells Hydraulic Fracturing Notifications

Alberta Energy Regulator's Directive 083 requires notification of planned fracturing to all at-risk offset operators, at least 15 days prior to the start of operation.

Third-party companies with a fracture planning zone (FPZ) in which there are any Enerplus at-risk offset wells should notify Enerplus via email (offsetfracnotice@enerplus.com). The following information should be included:

     1.  Subject Well license and Unique Well Identifier
     2.  Identified Offset Well license and Unique Well Identifier
     3.  TVD of the fracture stimulation taking place in Subject Well
     4.  Zone name of the fracture stimulation taking place in Subject Well
     5.  FPZ distance
     6.  Map of the FPZ
     7.  Distance from the Subject Well to the Identified Offset Well
     8.  Fracturing Fluid type: energized gas(es) or high vapour pressure hydrocarbons
     9.  Recommended at-risk offset well control plan
     10. Contact details (name, phone number and email) of the following:
          a.  Interwellbore Coordinator
          b.  Project Supervisor
          c.  Field Operations Supervisor


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