Enerplus conducts its business in a way that ensures the health and safety of our workers, respects the environment and builds positive, long-term relationships in the community.

Enerplus is committed to reducing emissions from its operations. 

We are actively working to increase the accuracy of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint and to implement, monitor and track the effectiveness of reduction initiatives toward proactively reducing our direct GHG emissions. By proactively mitigating our GHG emissions footprint, we will develop the understanding and skills necessary to respond to multiple jurisdictional regulations on climate change. In addition, the early implementation of reduction initiatives may allow for the generation of offset/early action credits to be sold on the voluntary market and for the opportunity to increase energy efficiency at Enerplus operations.

Enerplus also participates with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) on the Environment Executive Policy Group and on various working committees including the Climate Change Working Group and the National Air Issues Committee. Our participation in various CAPP environmental working groups allows for the opportunity to share knowledge with other industry members and to participate in joint environmental initiatives. It also allows us the opportunity to engage with various levels of governments to help shape the regulatory framework for climate change.

Read about Fugitive Emissions
What are fugitive emissions?
Fugitive emissions include minute natural gas leaks which can occur from pipes, valves and seals. To reduce these, we have a fugitive emissions management program based on Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers’ (CAPP) best management practices. This program identifies leaks by using specialized tools such as infrared cameras, gas flow monitors and bubble testing.


For more information about sustainability at Enerplus, visit our Sustainability Report page.

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