Enerplus conducts its business in a way that ensures the health and safety of our workers, respects the environment and builds positive, long-term relationships in the community.

Enerplus is committed to proactively mitigating our impacts on water resources.  Although we require water to explore and produce oil and natural gas, we always ensure we comply with all regulations to extract and dispose of water appropriately. Additionally, wherever possible, we use non-potable water and we recycle water to reduce the amount of water we use.

Enerplus is in the early stages of developing watershed level water management plans as we have heard our stakeholder concerns regarding distinct geographical water issues. We want to work with the communities in which we operate to ensure we are doing all that we can to mitigate regional water issues.  This could mean operations in certain areas will implement new technologies or specialized equipment to further recycle or reduce water use.  Enerplus believes that improving efficiencies in our water use will not only benefit the environment, but will position us to be an operator of choice.

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Did You Know
The hydraulic fracturing technique has been around twice as long as Enerplus.

It first began more than 60 years ago. Hydraulic fracturing (also called "fracking") is a technique used during the well completions process to access oil and natural gas trapped in hard, tight rock formations. It is a temporary operation that typically lasts one to five days. It is a safe, proven and government-regulated technology that was developed over 60 years ago.
Hydraulic Fracturing


For more information about sustainability at Enerplus, visit our Sustainability Report page.

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