At Enerplus, the most important thing we do is ensure each other's safety - our employees, contractors and stakeholders. We call this mindset "Owning Zero."

We care about ensuring each other's safety.

This includes our employees, contractors and stakeholders. In fact, it is the most important thing we do.

Owning Zero

Our safety journey is called "Owning Zero." We believe everyone owns responsibility for safety and needs to stay focused achieving and maintaining our goal of zero incidents. Accountability and transparency is what our culture is about, so we talk about both our unfavourable results and our successes and learn from them.

We actively participate in industry-recognized programs, such as the ENFORM Certificate of Recognition. We regularly consult with landowners about our emergency preparendess plans. We also use programs to continue improving our safety performance.

 We know that creating a workplace where no one gets hurt is achievable. It is an honour to work with people who believe in this and who take their safety and the safety of others so seriously.
 Ray Daniels, Senior Vice-President, Operations
Read about Our Safety Programs
  • Fit for Duty Program – a program designed to ensure that all employees and contractors are fit for duty to prevent injuries and loss and to be effective in completion of their duties;
  • ISNetworld – a program to collect, verify, and evaluate contractor and supplier safety information and performance;
  • My Safety & Social Responsibility (My S&SR) – an online course designed to give everyone who works on or visits an Enerplus site a basic understanding of our safety and social responsibility systems, and how we can keep ourselves and others safe;
  • SafeStart® – an internationally recognized Behavioural-Based Safety (BBS) program;
  • Safety Essentials for Supervisor and Managers Training – a program designed to provide managers and supervisors with the tools, skills, knowledge and desire to lead their workforce to achieve an injury-free environment; and
  • Sustainability Information Management System (SIMS) – a comprehensive health, safety and environment sustainability software tool to record our health, safety and environmental incidents, our compliance audits and inspection records as well as our corrective actions.
Read about Getting There Safely

Driving is one of the most dangerous daily activities that we do. Distracted driving increases the risk of injury and property damage, making this an important issue for all of us. Over the last few years, we have launched a distracted driving education campaign, installed corporate vehicle GPS monitors, initiated a 360° vehicle walk around requirement and provided hands-on driving skill courses. In addition, we introduced a journey management program to safely plan employee travel.

Enerplus has played and continues to play a key role in raising awareness within government and industry about the hazards of exposure to hydrocarbon gases and vapors and how to reduce or eliminate this potentially lethal hazard. Several NIOSH partners, including Enerplus, are stepping up to the plate to take leadership within industry to improve the safety and health of the oil and gas workforce and it is making a difference.
 The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
We’ve been given the ultimate support and tools over time to help us hold ourselves, coworkers and vendors accountable. It’s resulted in a safety record we’re incredibly proud of. We are winning one day at a time by making ‘Owning Zero’ a mindset for everyone on our sites.
 Enerplus Operations Employee

For more information about our Health and Safety work, or overall sustainability at Enerplus, visit our Sustainability Report page.

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