Enerplus conducts its business in a way that ensures the health and safety of our workers, respects the environment and builds positive, long-term relationships in the community.

We care about being a responsible operator in our communities. We want to have open and honest interactions with our neighbours.

Building and sustaining mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships - ones that promote positive economic and social development where we live and work — is fundamental to our success. We determine our stakeholders’ needs and interests and incorporate them in our stakeholder engagement plans. We engage with our stakeholders through one-on-one conversations, group meetings, conferences, forums, community events, open houses and surveys.

Treating stakeholders with respect and empowering them with knowledge is a priority. It is more than just an idea or brand — we expect and enable our employees and contractors to demonstrate this belief in all areas of their work.

Stakeholder engagement is an ongoing process of interaction that we take very seriously. We know who our stakeholders are, we respect them, and we look to build relationships for the long haul.

Ed McLaughlin, President, U.S. Operations

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A stakeholder is any individual or group who has an interest in our projects or our company, and we identify stakeholders that are both directly and indirectly affected by our projects. We assess our stakeholders yearly based on their degree of influence and the impact our operations might have on them. This classification guides us to the most appropriate level of engagement and ensures the correct feedback mechanisms are in place. We know who our stakeholders are and we strive to continue strengthening our relationships with them through our annual stakeholder engagement programs. We engage with our stakeholders through one-on-one conversations, group meetings, conferences, forums, community events, open houses and surveys.


Our Stakeholders


This has been a great opportunity for my students to receive this information from actual employees. It has put a face to the oil industry and gives personalized stories to the students to help make the employees’ areas of expertise relevant to the students. The presentations have been informative, and often they have some hands-on aspect – such as showing how the additives are used in the drilling process, geologic maps, tour of oil drilling rigs and a visit to the local office. For a science teacher, or any teacher, these visits have been a great opportunity, one that the teachers can build on to any degree we wish.

Gary Trana, Mandaree teacher

The Adopt-A-Well program that was initiated by Enerplus at the Mandaree school expands the horizon for students to see what opportunities are available beyond the boundaries of their community, and provides a motivation to strive for something that may have never been realized otherwise. Enerplus should be commended for their investment in the education of the students at the Mandaree school. Paige Baker PhD and Jason Baker P.E.

For more information about our Stakeholder Engagement work, or overall sustainability at Enerplus, visit our Sustainability Report page.

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