Community Engagement

We strive to develop and work hard to maintain strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with our communities. We believe communication must be based on honesty, trust and – above all – respect. It’s not just what we say, it’s what we do, and we believe living our values gives our stakeholders confidence in our commitment to responsible operations.

We build relationships at the local level wherever we can. Our people are often members of the community where they work and share a vested interest in the community’s development. We connect regularly with our stakeholders to provide updates, seek input, help identify opportunities and find ways to address potential concerns.

Because we often work on or near traditional indigenous land – both in Canada and the United States – connecting with our indigenous neighbours regularly is our way of maintaining positive, respectful relationships. Learning about traditional culture, wildlife and each community’s connection to the environmental landscape is critical to our understanding of how best to operate in the area.

Engagement Planning

When we start developing an engagement plan, we consider all stages of the associated project’s lifecycle. From development through operations and to eventual decommissioning, we consult early and often to identify concerns and opportunities. Our goal is to encourage mutual understanding throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Engagement is not about checking a box or satisfying regulatory requirements. It’s about the benefit of long-term relationships. We value the relationships we have built over the years and recognize the key to their success is putting in the work, demonstrating respect and staying open to ongoing dialogue.

Community Investment 

We believe our role as an engaged corporate community partner is to support our communities’ ability to improve their social, economic and environmental situation. We rely on our people in each of their individual communities – wherever we work and live – to tell us what is most needed and where we can have the most impact.

A graphic showing how Enerplus engages its staff and partners with its communities

Giving back isn’t always about cutting a cheque. It’s about making an investment with our time and talent too. That’s why we support our communities through donations, sponsorships, in-kind contributions and volunteerism.

In 2021, Enerplus contributed nearly $350,000 to support our communities through partnerships with non-profit organizations and matching employee giving. We encourage employee volunteerism by offering one paid day specifically for volunteering, and by organizing employee volunteer opportunities. Supporting employee volunteerism is a visible way we live our values and culture.

Pillars of Giving

Our pillars of giving focus our support where it can have the greatest impact:

A few examples include:

  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • American Indian College Fund
  • Southeast Regional Library – Oungre Branch

A few examples include:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter
  • North Dakota Safety Council

We take a proactive approach to corporate giving, looking for partners whose mandates align with our pillars rather than waiting for requests to come to us. We assess our partner relationships on an annual basis so that we know we’re supporting them the best way possible – we want people to feel like their community is better with Enerplus as a part of it.


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Returns & value focused

We’re focused on creating long-term value for our shareholders through a disciplined, returns-based capital allocation strategy and a commitment to safe, responsible operations.

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