Health & Safety

We believe everyone is responsible for safety.  This means our employees and contractors share ownership of building a workplace where all injuries can be prevented. 

Learning from both our successes and challenges is an important part of our culture of accountability. It’s what moves us closer and closer to zero incidents.

Our Safety Commitment 

Our safety journey is called Safety One. We all own taking the actions required to achieve and maintain our goal of zero incidents. All employees and contractors are authorized to stop work and address safety concerns.

Our Health and Safety Policy guides our decision-making and supports our goal of producing safe and socially responsible energy, consistent with our values.

We actively participate in industry-recognized safety programs and we bring our stakeholders along on our Safety One journey by consulting with them regularly about our emergency preparedness plans.

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Emergency Response

Our top priority is keeping our employees, contractors and neighbours safe. While we do take every precaution, in the event an incident does occur, we have a site-specific Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for all operating areas. ERPs describe the safety precautions and emergency actions that will be implemented if an incident that causes or creates the potential for a hazardous situation occurs.  Having a comprehensive ERP is one of the many rigorous safety measures for our operations established by the regulatory agencies overseeing the petroleum industry. We also maintain a corporate-level ERP that is used in conjunction with the site-specific ERPs. Together, these plans guide our personnel and deliver a coordinated and effective response. These ERPs are reviewed and practiced regularly.

We have integrated the most widely-implemented protocol for command, control and coordination of emergency response called the Incident Command System (ICS) into our ERPs. Adopted by the oil and gas industry because it’s efficient and effective, it’s now commonly used by regulators, authorities and emergency services.  ICS also ensures a flexible response that allows us to draw on external resources under a unified command, so emergency situations can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Infographic of Enerplus' emergency and crisis response process

Returns & value focused

We’re focused on creating long-term value for our shareholders through a disciplined, returns-based capital allocation strategy and a commitment to safe, responsible operations.

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