Purchasing goods and services is one of the most important ways we contribute to the communities we operate in.  We value our contractors who support our capital projects and ongoing operations.  We support a strong oil and gas service sector.

Current Contractors

We believe in relationships that deliver the best overall value, safe and efficient operations, innovation and continuous improvement, and meet all regulatory requirements. Contractors working on Fort Berthold Indian Reservation must understand and comply with the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation Tribal Employment Rights Office requirements (

Contractor employees must work collaboratively with Enerplus representatives and understand and comply with their company’s safety programs as well as Enerplus’ requirements.

Current Contractor Requirements

Code of Business Conduct – Canada and the United States
Insurance / Workers Compensation Board 
MHA TERO Requirements (for work on FBIR)

Compliance with all laws and regulations is an important Contractor responsibility.  This includes all relevant TERO Ordinance and Regulations when working on FBIR. 

We strongly encourage you to ensure you are familiar with and in compliance with all requirements including ensuring your license is up to date, your vehicles are registered, you have a valid PPA where required, and you comply with MHA TERO Guidance – Self-Performing Preference List. 

If your firm is not in compliance and Enerplus receives a fine as a result, we will hold your firm responsible in accordance with the terms of our agreement. 

Safety – Canada and the United States


Enerplus prefers that Contractors submit invoices through the online application Open Invoice™ supplied by Oildex™ to ensure efficient payment. When submitting an electronic invoice please provide all of the information listed in the submission guidelines below.


Canada  Canada Guidelines
Canada Support 
Canada OpenInvoice Instructions  Canada OpenInvoice
U.S. U.S. Guidelines
U.S. Support
U.S. OpenInvoice Instructions U.S. OpenInvoice

Compliance with UN ILO Standards

Enerplus operates exclusively in Canada and the United States where there are well-established regulations. If you are providing any goods to Enerplus that are manufactured in countries that do not have similar regulations, we require that you have a program to verify and monitor compliance with UN ILO standards and to proactively alert us of any issues.

Prospective Contractors 

Start by learning about Enerplus’ business and operating areas. 

If you see a potential fit, contact Supply Chain Management or the appropriate technical group. Tell us specifically what you do and what competitive advantages you can offer.

What is our process?
  • New Contractor Onboarding Request to be completed to gather company information
    • Test compliance with Enerplus standards: Safety-sensitive companies will be directed to connect with us in ISNetworld
    • Non-safety sensitive companies will be directed to complete a prequalification survey and will be asked for all necessary documents such as GST Numbers or W9 to complete an agreement
  • If successful, complete an agreement – typically a purchase order or a master agreement

We do not maintain a list of all companies who could potentially do business with us.

Enerplus Safety One logo
Health & Safety Policy 

Our Health and Safety Policy guides our decision-making and supports our goal of producing safe and socially responsible energy, consistent with our values.

View Our H&S Policy

Returns & value focused

We’re focused on creating long-term value for our shareholders through a disciplined, returns-based capital allocation strategy and a commitment to safe, responsible operations.

Investor Relations