Land Owners / U.S. Royalty Owners 

Attention Royalty Owners: 

Information regarding the recently announced transaction with Chord Energy: Please be advised that there will be no change to your royalty payments until the transaction closes. Closing is expected to occur mid-2024.  Prior to closing, your checks will continue to come from Enerplus, and you can continue to call our hotline with questions.  Following closing of the transaction, we will issue additional guidance concerning changes to the payor of your royalty payments.

RE 1099s: For the year ended 2023 these were mailed on January 9, 2024. Please allow 6 weeks for mail processing. A free, electronic copy of your 1099 can be downloaded from your account at Please note, your 1099 reflects gross income received during 2023.

Please see important North Dakota Statute information, below.

Effective July 1, 2019 the North Dakota Statute requires additional supplemental reports be sent out to all North Dakota royalty owners. (If your wells are working interest, this does not apply.)

The supplemental report does not replace the monthly royalty check detail but will include the following additional information –

  • Monthly deducts summarized into 4 specific categories (transport, processing, compression, admin)
  • Net price after deducts
  • Reason code for current activity and prior period adjustments
  • This statement does not include withholding tax

Please reference the North Dakota state statute 43-02-06-01 for further detail.

Please be advised that the current direct deposit setup process time is 60 business days.

  • Due to Enerplus’ updated policies regarding direct deposits, and to protect the owners from imposter fraud, all owner names listed on the direct deposit forms must be the same as shown on the voided check or documentation from the bank.
  • If you have other questions outside of what can be found here on our website please call us at 720-279-5599 and leave one detailed message OR send one email to with your name, payee number, phone number and the details of your question/concern. Due to the high volume of owner calls and emails we receive, we will return your call or email in the order in which they are received. Please allow up to 5 to 7 business days for your call or email to be returned.
Monthly Check Detail

We ask that you keep all check detail for tax purposes as duplicate detail will not be issued. If you did not receive it via mail or email you may retrieve your monthly detail by:

Direct Deposit Requests – To set your royalty payment account up for direct deposit please fill out the form and return it to Enerplus along with a voided check or letter from your bank via email at or by mail at 950 17th St suite 2200 Denver CO 80202 ATTN: Revenue Department. Please note: Bank account name(s) must match the name(s) on the royalty account. Please allow up to 60 business days for processing.

Ownership Changes – To make any changes to ownership such as a sale of interest, death or marriage, trusts, guardianships, bankruptcy. Please click for information for Ownership Changes.

Address Changes – To update your address with Enerplus please fill out a change of address form, send an email or write a letter with the following information: Owner number, Last 4 of SSN/ Tax ID, Full name on the account, old address, new address. You may send that information via email at or mail it to 950 17th St Suite 2200 Denver CO 80202 ATTN: Division Order Department.

Fax Numbers

Royalty Owners can use the following fax numbers 

  • 303-534-0850
  • 303-534-0456
Email Addresses

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