Working With Us

We are proud to work with land owners and contractors across Western Canada, North Dakota, and Colorado to develop our energy resources responsibly.  

Our business approach ensures the health and safety of workers, respects the environment and builds positive relationships that support the communities in which we work.

We operate with honesty, transparency and integrity and we have policies and procedures to guide our work. We expect all current and potential contractors to be familiar with and uphold the same corporate values and practices as our employees. When you’re doing work for us, you’re an ambassador for us.

Our Culture

Being competitive in today’s world means you have to be willing to think and act differently. We see our culture of accountability as a competitive advantage. Our cultural beliefs guide the experiences we provide to our people, and that our people create for each other. Our culture is key to accelerating our performance and results.

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Health & Safety Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy guides our decision-making and supports our goal of producing safe and socially responsible energy, consistent with our values.


Returns & value focused

We’re focused on creating long-term value for our shareholders through a disciplined, returns-based capital allocation strategy and a commitment to safe, responsible operations.

Investor Relations